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Luke Bolland

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(Not) The Bachelor Live returns on VALENTINE'S DAY at Fringe World 2018 in Perth! 

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Do you love watching The Bachelor or The Bachelorette on TV? Imagine, instead of waiting months to find out who they pick, you can see it all unfold over one glorious hour! That's exactly what you will get with (Not) The Bachelor Live. Comedian Luke Bolland takes a Bachelor/Bachelorette and three singles and makes a match based on hilarious and fun questions and games! If that wasn't exciting enough, after all the laughter and fun, ANYONE could win the date - even an audience member!


7pm show we have our Bachelorette and 3 single men
8pm show we have our Bachelor and 3 single ladies

The Music gives (Not) The Bachelor Live - FOUR STARS

With love already in the air on February 14, (Not) The Bachelor Live! was the perfect cute date night for Valentine's Day. Perth comedian Luke Bolland entertained us with his breakneck version of The Bachelorette, condensing three months into just one hour. Complete with a chocolate-rose ceremony, quirky sexual quizzes and a handful of eager bachelors to fight it out for a coffee date with the beautiful bachelorette.

The bachelorette was a sexy burlesque dancer whose special talent was to twirl tassels on her ass; before we could blink she hiked up her blue dress and showed the crowd her party trick. Contestant number one wowed the crowd with his hula-hoop and ukulele skills, as he battled to win the bachelorette's heart. The rivalry between the three contestants was adorable but hilarious as they talked themselves up while also throwing the others under the bus.

Each night of the show is different, as the only scripted parts were the questions and activities for each round. Everything else was unplanned and raw —  everything that ends up on stage is entirely unpredictable, making it even funnier.

4 Stars

- Aneta Grulichova (